Bree & Clint

Bree & Clint

What do you get when you throw an Aussie who grew up on an apple farm and a self-taught Kiwi DJ together?

It’s a great question, and the answer is ZM's Bree & Clint! 

We've brought Bree Tomasel across the ditch to join with Rotorua's very own Clint Roberts to entertain your ear-holes with some honest, embarrassingly raw and hash-tag relatable chat.

We promise you'll forgive Bree's Aussie accent once you realise that this bish is funny. Like, reaalllly funny. Endorsed by Channing Tatum himself (he follows her ridiculous antics on the gram- NBD).

Clint will balance things out with chat about his Insta-famous cats, Ziggie and Bowie and how much he's punching with his stunning wife (not kidding).

Bree and Clint, unleashed every arvo on ZM.

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