The 'kids' from the viral 'Windmill Kids' video are picking up chicks on Twitter because of it

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Friday, 9 December 2016, 8:50AM

OK SO first of all, if you haven't seen the Windmill Kids video that's been making the rounds on Facebook for over a week, you MUST watch it right now:

Now that's out of the way (it's so hilarious right). More so, when captioned with "On your first day at work..."

Now Joe and Hugh from the video are responding to their new viral fame in the most hilarious way. 

Because they are basically memes now, of course they've started coming across themselves everywhere now too. 

Scrolling through their tweets, you can see they are retweeting memes and posts like these: 

But what is even better is that THIS CONVO EXISTS!

First, Joe responds to these fans who found him on twitter - 


This is so good. Keep bringing the LOLZ! 

Here's what Hugh looks like now btw:

And JOE!

Also, Catrina (perhaps our favourite from the video) has been made well aware of her new internet fame too (how could she not!?)

She posted this video and we're loving it: