Bree's shockingly confident confession goes viral on TikTok

Publish Date
Wednesday, 7 February 2024, 3:46PM

Have you done an Aqua-poo in the ocean?

Because Bree has...


Bree admitted live on radio saying "we've all done a poo in the sea?"

The confession went viral on TikTok reaching one million views in under 48 hours, creating all kinds of chaos in the comments 🤣

The chaos continued in the SAME DAY when Bree shared her version of Beck G's song 'Shower'

The timing right??

Whether you have or haven't aqua pooped, one things clear - anything Bree says from now on won't ever be as shocking as this!

Listen to the break, unedited, on the Bree & Clint podcast below!

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