Vaughan Smith has declared the Facebook Poke is back

Publish Date
Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 3:33PM

Remember getting into Facebook poking wars with your friends? 

You don't need to put on your galaxy tights or feed your animals on Farmville BUT you might be getting a notification that reminds you of the early days of Facebook...

The Facebook poke is back! Thanks to Vaughan Smith.

He's started a movement, after poking all his Facebook friends.

An avalanche of pokes have been sent, including one to Georgia.

 "hahah rouge coz how did Vaughan find the function to start poking people again?" Georgia said on air.

BAC Insty caught Georgia poking some of her closest besties on Facebook 👀

If poking is coming back we need to be clear on the rules and connotations. Producer Claudia is SO right when she says "You can't poke Nana."

Georgia makes a stunning point when she says a poke "is so pick me." 

Mark Zuckerberg wants poking to be a thing again too.

 Facebook says, poking is a good way to say 'hi' to your pals. 

So get out there and poke someone today x

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