Georgia is bringing back a 2010s term

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Thursday, 2 May 2024, 2:30PM

How do you text your pals when you're having a laugh? aha, HAHA, LMAO?

Well, Georgia has declared the ABSOLUTE CLASSIC...'LOL' is back   

In an outrageous claim, Georgia says three years ago lol became uncool. 

ZM office girlie and resitent gen Z, Amelia says "It is back - it started ironically, and now it's back in full storm."  

Clint literally burst into the studio and said "Can I swear on your show? The word you're claiming to be bringing back is LOL?"

TBH this line could've landed with a lol instead of aha 😩

Bree made so much sense when she said "Mate lol never left. Answer me this. How could it have left if it entered the dictionary?"

A quick Google shows Bree is right. The NZ Herald in 2019 reported on new words added to the Oxford Dictionary. Selfie, woke, ROFL are official 💍

Clint should have been my year 12 English teacher because he explained the semantics of lol in a way that resonated with my peanut brain. "LOL is so versatile, there's lol then there's loool and lol."

 *queue That's Versatile music*

Bree and Clint's Producer Ella is rogue and uses ROTFL or teehee or hehe or an LMAO. Is she stuck in 2012? Someone warn her, that the world isn't gonna end no matter what Big Sean says. 

brb gonna go pick up a LOL drink from the tuck shop - purple flavour ofc. 

Is haha millineal and lol gen Z? Hit ZM up in the DMs and let us know x teehe

For bants that will have you cackling away, Play ZM.

hehe x


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