Did you know that people can screenshot your snapchats without you knowing?

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Monday, 14 August 2017, 1:27PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Snapchat is a great app to send those hideous selfies/naughty nudes without it being saved, and if it is screenshot you automatically know about it. 

This works in your favour when you're sending, but when you're recieving those "OMG I NEED TO SCREENSHOT THIS BUT CAN'T" snaps it can be annoying that you can't screenshot due to the other person then knowing and never sending you a snap ever again. 

However, what if there was a way we could screenshot snaps without the other person knowing? Imagine no more, because there's a way that you can do just that! Here's how: 

Firstly, DO NOT open it. Keep Snapchat open and drag up the bottom menu. Once this is up place your phone in Airplane Mode, along with making sure your wifi, data, and bluetooth are all turned off.


Now, slide back down the menu, and open the image and take your incognito screenshot.

Thanks to the fact that you’re not connected to the internet or mobile data, the sender won’t receive a notification to tell them that you’ve screenshotted it, or even viewed it!


Just remember to keep the Snapchat app open throughout the entire process, otherwise this will not work, and make sure that the snap you received has loaded prior to turning on airplane mode. 

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