You can uninstall the (sh*tty) Snapchat update on your phone and here's how!

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Monday, 12 February 2018, 11:27AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Let's be honest, the new Snapchat update is pretty sh*t. 

The layout is just confusing and un-engaging. Why did they even change it in the first place? Don't fix what ain't broken!

Anyway, luckily geniuses of the internet have discovered how you can get the old beloved version of the app back!

How To Bring Back Old Snapchat On iOS

Twitter user Clare James shared instructions on how to bring back the old Snapchat. Mashable confirmed that the process worked on an iPhone X.

  • Delete the Snapchat app
  • Go to the iTunes and App Store menu under Settings, and choose to turn off Automatic Updates
  • Download the Snapchat app again
  • Type in your email, but choose the Forgot Password option
  • Choose to reset your password via phone to receive a text message with a code, and use it to change your password
  • Log in to Snapchat, which will be back to its old design

How To Bring Back Old Snapchat On Android

Technology blog Tech Advisor shared steps to bring back the old Snapchat n Android devices.

  • Acquire an APK file of the previous Snapchat version from other Android devices
  • Uninstall the new Snapchat update on your phone, plug it into the PC, and place the Snapchat APK in the Downloads folder
  • Launch File Explorer or File Manager, find the Snapchat APK and tap it to install the app with its old design


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