Brand new Coca-Cola flavour has just been released in NZ

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Thursday, 8 June 2017, 8:05AM
Photo: Coca-Cola

Photo: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has launched another sugar-free variety and will encourage consumers to choose the product over traditional Coke amid mounting pressure from health professionals.

Sandhya Pillay, country manager of Coca-Cola Oceania said the launch of the new product was a result of changing consumer tastes and preferences, and a way for the company to remain relevant.

The company has spent five years developing the new Coke No Sugar recipe which it claims tastes almost identical to Coke classic. It says that its consumer testers could not tell the difference. Pillay said the launch was a huge change for the company.


"We're launching the biggest product since Coca-Cola itself," Pillay said.

"We've been focusing on choice for so long, particularly in New Zealand, and over the past few years we've transcended that to shaping choice - so providing smaller packs, reducing the amount of sugar," she said.

"Coca-Cola no sugar is now us, actively encouraging no sugar. So this is us, this is Coca-Cola, actively saying here is a no sugar drink, it tastes pretty much the same, it's your choice."

The latest move by the company to encourage consumers to choose Coke No Sugar, is a step change away from its historic view that it was entirely up to the consumer to choose what they ate and drank.

Coca-Cola has previously brought out several low and no-sugar products including Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coca-Cola Life.

New Zealand is one of the first countries globally to get the Coke No Sugar product which will be stocked alongside all Coke classic cans and bottles.

Fletch and Vaughan did a blind taste test of the new flavour this morning. They could both identify the new flavour from the original but did say it's the closest Coke has gotten to the original flavour without sugar!

Maybe worth a try for those watching their weight!