Here's what's really in your Frozen Coke

Is there anything MORE refreshing than a good ol' Frozen Coke? Or slushie. Or whatever you wanna call them.

Unfortunately, that refreshment is coming at a price, as they contain A LOT of sugar.

Health agencies in Australia have started a huge marketing campaign, warning people to think before they drink.

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LiveLighter and Rethink Sugary Drink, an alliance of 18 health agencies in Australia, have teamed up to launch the 'Don't Be Sucked In' campaign, warning that some large-size frozen drinks contain as much as 20.4 teaspoons of sugar!

TWENTY TEASPOONS. Just imagine yourself opening up a bag of sugar, and scooping TWENTY SCOOPS into your mouth. 

That's a lot.

Other research has also shown that the 'Sprite' version of a McDonald's Frozen Sprite, contains up to THIRTY TEASPOONS of sugar! 

As part of the Australian campaign, one billboard graphically depicts a person sipping on a large cup of bulging, toxic fat.

"These cheap frozen drinks might seem refreshing on a hot day, but we want people to realise they could easily be sucking down an entire week's worth of sugar in a single sitting," the Australian Cancer Council's Craig Sinclair said on Thursday.

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So ah, next time you grab one of those $1 Frozen Coke's from Macca's, maybe just think before you drink.