Coca Cola have released a new flavour and NZ is the first in the world to get it!

Publish Date
Thursday, 26 October 2017, 7:41AM

If you've ever gone to a fast food place that lets you self-serve your own soft drink, then you might have already tried this flavour out. 

Self-serve at the likes of Subway lets you mix your standard coke with raspberry and the combo is delish. 

Now you'll be able to get that combo without the hassle of mixing it yourself!

Coca-Cola has brought out Raspberry Coke for summer and New Zealand is the first in the world to taste it!

If you are a true Coke Raspberry fan then you may remember that it was introduced to the New Zealand market back in 2006. 

At the time the company released it on a trial basis and it only lasted six months before it was discontinued. 

Coke Raspberry, which has 25% less sugar than Coke Classic, is only limited edition for Summer and will be available from November 1st.