Woman Who Has the 'Perfect Bum' Tries On Jeans For A Living

For the last 14 years, 34-year-old Natasha Wagner has considered to have the perfect bum by the premium denim industry. She's even been referred to as a 'secret weapon'.

Now, we all have our own ideas of 'perfect', and it's quite a statement, but Natasha's backside is apparently the ideal blend of curves and flat. This means that by using her as a model, the designers can identify if the jeans will look good on pretty much everyone. No matter what shape their bums are. Which is pretty damn clever.

It's win-win, as Natasha literally gets to try on jeans all day and gets paid for it, whilst the designers get a real-life model who has 14 years of jean-wearing experience so she can tell them where they're going wrong and how they can sort it out.

Best job ever!