Locals Only - Kaylee Bell 'Life Is Tough (But So Am I) ft. Navvy

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Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 9:49AM

Kaylee Bell is thrilled to share a sneak peek into her teased album 'Nights Like This' with the empowering new single, 'Life Is Tough (But So Am I),' featuring the incredible talent of Navvy. 'Life Is Tough (But So Am I)' is bound to become an anthem for resilience and empowerment, showcasing Kaylee's unique ability to blend genres seamlessly.

The single is accompanied by a visually stunning music video shot in picturesque Auckland, reflecting the nostalgia of classic Kiwi childhood locations. ⛵️

Check Out the Music Video! 💛

Kaylee shares insight into how the song came to fruition, saying "NAVVY and I have been fans of each other's music for some time now, and we thought it'd be cool to bring our styles together for an uplifting energetic collision of country and pop. 'Life Is Tough (But So Am I)' is a reminder to particularly young people that sometimes life will be hard, but the important thing is how you respond." 👌

She continued to describe the inspiration for the music video: "We shot the video with Sophie Scott on a sunny Auckland day, reminiscing about our childhoods. We can't wait to bring this song to life for fans on tour starting next month!" 💗

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