Locals Only - Rikki Reid and Balu Brigada 'Like You'

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Tuesday, 23 January 2024, 6:00AM

Building on the momentum of last year, Kiwi artist RIIKI REID kicks off the new year with beautiful collaborative single ‘Like You (Feat. Balu Brigada)’.

The last couple of years have seen a powerful reintroduction for the artist RIIKI REID with the release of her mini-EPs: alt leaning NEWER OXYGEN, and pop dance fueled CRASH & COLLIDE (which featured her Top 20 NZ radio hit ‘The City’).💃

After cementing her place in the New Zealand music scene as a multi-talented producer, dancer, video director, and singer/songwriter, RIIKI REID’s latest single ‘Like You (Feat. Balu Brigada)’ focuses on a melodic, raw and vulnerable sound.  Reminiscent of the beautiful single ‘Home With Me’ (which debuted at #29 in the Hot 40 Singles Chart), ‘Like You’ (Feat. Balu Brigada) is the second track of the third mini–EP SKIN.🎙️

“I initially begun writing this song back on the 21st of October 2019, I was really inspired by dream pop artists as I was growing up and sort of diving into the alternative music scene in Wellington. It was left on standby until this year when I partnered up with Balu Brigada who I am just such a fan of” RIIKI explains. 👩‍🎤

RIIKI recalled hearing Balu Brigada’s vocals for the first time on ‘Like You’ and was blown away, this sparked the idea that the song was destined to be a duet. The call and response lyrics to each other emphasised the song’s meaning in all the right places, and the collaboration was born. 🎤

Reflecting on the lyrics of the track, RIIKI shared “People go through things; they change as people. The song is about knowing someone you care about so much, burning their life to the ground, watching this and disagreeing with more things that they are doing than you can even count on your hand. Through that, what never changes is that you care about them, and you want the best for each other”. 💛

Stay tuned for more to come from RIIKI REID in 2024. 😍

Watch 'Like You' here!

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