We've found New Zealand's favourite Shapes flavour!

Publish Date
Thursday, 16 August 2018, 2:50PM

Earlier this week we undertook a mission, a serious one. 

We wanted to find New Zealand's favourite Arnott's Shapes flavour. 

It all began when this meme doing the internet rounds caused a divide in the ZM office:

No one seemed to agree on where each Shapes flavour should be placed. 

So we put the question to you!

Asking you out of the 7 flavours (current range) to choose from, what IS the BEST flavour?

After 2 days and 3,468 votes, we collated the data. 

Here is what we found:

Congratulations are in order for the mighty Cheese & Bacon who narrowly bet out Chicken Crimpy to take first place!

Not happy with the results? Go out and question 3,000 people yourself then... #CheeseAndBaconForLyf

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