Gluten Free Shapes may be Hitting the Shelves!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 March 2024, 10:51AM

Let's flashback to 2021...

Think; Tokyo Olympics, Meghan and Harry sit down with Oprah, and Arnott's release iconic Gluten Free versions of their mouthwatering Scotch Fingers, Choc Ripples and Tiny Teddies! 🐻

❤️💚 A grand day for The Gluten Free Community! 💚❤️

Then, came the Gluten Free Mint Slice, TeeVee Snacks, Shortbread Cream and the highly anticipated GF Tim Tams late last year. 🍪

Arnott’s has got the GF Biscuit Bug and rumour has it: Arnott’s has made GF versions of their most popular savoury snacks.

🤔 Gluten-Free Barbecue Shapes and Jatz 🤔

The GF crackers were first spotted on @thegrocerygeekau’s Instagram. The food spotters informed us that the GF variants of Barbecue Shapes and Jatz are made from a special gluten-free blend making them just as good as the OG. 

For our gluten-free friends that haven't experienced the wonderful taste sensation of Shapes - we feel ya!... and hope the FOMO is almost at an end.

whakaronga mai kia ZM, (Play ZM)! 


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