Turns out using sugar-free mixers is scientifically proven to get you tipsy, faster!

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Tuesday, 2 February 2021, 1:50PM

This is a tip might come in handy...

Yup, science has proven it- sugar-free mixers and diet versions of your favourite fizzy drinks will get you up to 25% drunker than their full-fat versions when partnered with spirits.

So how does it work?

Well you know how we are all supposed to have a hearty meal before a night out? It turns out that the sugars in that pre-drinking meal stop your body from absorbing the sugars in the booze too quickly- and getting tipsy too early in the night.

The sugars in a full-fat mixer do the exact same.

"Mixing your alcoholic beverage with a sugar-free soda will make you feel drunker, faster," said Cecile A. Marczinski, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky, who founded the research.

In the study, Marczinski gave 16 volunteers vodka mixed with regular lemonade, diet lemonade or a placebo over three separate drinking sessions. When the volunteers drank the sugar-free drinks, a breathalyser showed their breath alcohol was up on average 18% higher than the participants that drank their vodka with regular lemonade- even up to 25%.


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"Your stomach empties more slowly with sugar in your system but when there is no sugar, the alcohol goes directly into your blood stream," Marczinski said. "Drinking alcohol without any mixer probably would have the same effect as no sugar."

That’s right: a single vodka with diet lemonade has the same effect on your body as a shot of vodka- woah.

Guess we'll be a little more careful with our mixer selection from now on!

R18, always drink responsibly!

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