Wood-low-stock as NZ has been hit with a nationwide bourbon and RTD shortage!

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Monday, 11 July 2022, 3:13PM

Yup, that includes the Billy Mavs!

Aotearoa's biggest suppliers of alcohol say there is a nationwide bourbon shortage.

Retailers in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch, and a spokesperson for Liquorland confirmed the shortages are indeed true.

Bottom-shelf bourbons and RTDs, such as Woodstock, Cody's, Billy Maverick and Diesel were most affected by the shortage.

Forrest Hill Liquor Centre manager Joel Lee says his store has been out of stock of most bourbon products for more than three months, and that he was told by suppliers to expect extra weeks or months of delays.

A spokesperson for Lion Co says increased global demand coupled with "patchy" shipments is to blame - "The supply of bourbon has been tight worldwide for several years… As a result, we had a short period where we stopped production of Billy Maverick and Diesel."

"Billy Maverick is now back in production… Diesel is likely to be unavailable for a while longer."

Well, it really is Dry July...

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Article originally published in the NZ Herald - shortened and re-published here with permission.

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