Tiktok Trend, Boy Math Explained

Publish Date
Friday, 6 October 2023, 2:43PM

You’ve heard of Fletch, Vaughan and Hayley’s ‘girl math’, but what the heck is boy math?

Instead of using “maths” to justify purchases to be basically free or profitable like girl maths does - Boy math justifies their nonsensical actions and logic- like how 5'10 equals 6'0 somehow.

Boy Math mocks men for day-to-day life miscalculations or problematic behaviour lol 

tbh men are getting roasted with this trend and we're here for it

The girls are winning 2023 hehe 

Hayley and the producer Girlies are CEOs of Girl Math, watch the series below!

@fvhzm #itsbasicallyfree to buy a diamond ring according to #girlmath ♬ original sound - FVHZM


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