Girl Math Explained - How All Your Purchases Are Basically Free

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Wednesday, 16 August 2023, 11:11AM

Every girl needs a bit of Girl Math. FVH's Hayley & Producers Carwen & Shannon AKA the CEOs of Girl Math have you covered for any expense you need justifying.

Girl Math is not delulu & it makes sense every time. Purchases usually end up costing next to nothing - basically free or in some cases you're in the positives. PLUS it's supporting the economy.

If you buy something & return it later, you've made money is the kind of logic Girl Math runs on. 

Watch as a listener went from buying a $1,000 bag to literally being paid to use the bag.

@fvhzm Big fans of girl math 🫶💁‍♀️ #girlmath ♬ original sound - FVHZM

Andrea's $400 extensions? They're not free - she's actually making 40 grand by making the purchase. 

Officially a segment with a bangin' intro 🎵 Girl Math, Girl Math, Girl Math, Girl Math 🎵

Friend of the show, Economist Bad News Brad joined us for a segment of Girl Math where FVH  Girl Mathed Nicole's purchase of Ruby's Ariel dress -  a stunning halter neck number as basically free.

Girl Math is Bad News Brad approved ✅

@fvhzm #girlmath with an Economics Expert 🫢 Let us know if you help justifying your spending 🤪 #basicallyfree ♬ original sound - FVHZM

Our Friends at Ruby understood the assignment 💅 


 Girl Math The Eras Tour edition

Wanna see Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour live in Sydney? Play ZM loud for your chance to win a double pass. We're giving away tickets EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Hayley, Carwen get the Girl Math mathing on Sarah's $5,600 trip to Sydney to see the most concert of our generation. 

@fvhzm Replying to @Sarah Dennis Girl Math- The Eras Tour Edition 🫶 Let us know if you need us to justify your spending 🤪 #girlmath #theerastour #itsbasicallyfree ♬ original sound - FVHZM

Like, if you pay for something months in advance, by the time it rolls around, you're like this is free- that's Girl Math. 

Girl Math is a lifestyle. 

Want more Girl Math? Watch here. 

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