This is the best time to call in sick for it to be convincing

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We're all guilty of working through when we're sick AF, and using our sick days when we're probably not thaaaaat bad.

A UK survey of 2,000 workers conducted by Fisherman's Friend last year, found that workers took only 1.67 sick days on average, despite suffering three bouts of illness.

Oops.. no wonder the entire office gets sick when there's only one sniffle!

Elite Daily also cited a study of 1,000 employees conducted by market research company Attest that tells everyone the perfect time to let your boss know you desperately need to keep your sick butt at home, and it’s surprisingly specific. Apparently, the most suitable time for requesting your paid sick day is Tuesday at 6:38 a.m.

This doesn't mean that if you're actually sick you should be holding off till Tuesday but it DOES mean that if you're planning on pulling a sickie for some R&R, calling in bright and early on a Tuesday makes your excuse sound more believable.

Also, the study even gives you the best reason to use when you can’t think of anything to tell your boss: “stomach problems.”

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Apparently, most people use sick days in November and December, so you may want to postpone your “stomach issue” until 2018, unless you are, in fact, legitimately sick. 

Looking for more excuses?  Apparently these are the best ways to call in sick.