This is how many pies the average New Zealander eats a year

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017, 11:53AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

It's got to be said: if you don't like pies are you even a Kiwi?

What's not to like about a delicious savoury (or sweet) saucy filling wrapped in golden crisp pastry?

Whether it's when you're hungover, when you've knocked out a Saturday sports game in Winter, or you're just feeling vulnerable, pies are always the answer. 

So how many pies do Kiwis, lovers of pies, eat a year?

Well according to Food Standards New Zealand the average New Zealander eats 15 meat pies a year.

Collectively that is 66 million pies!

But we do note that leaves out our pie friends; vegetarian pies and sweet/dessert pies. 

Ross Boss, who eats a pie for breakfast most days, thinks that the number of 15 is much too low. 

So we've got to ask, how many meat pies do you eat a year (approx)?