There's a game controller for your vagina

Publish Date
Monday, 9 December 2019, 12:00PM

Well, we didn't see that coming...

Does your vagina feel left out when you play video games? Well, don't you worry because this game is controlled by your vagina, as you do Kegels!

Perifit is the game that makes use of your vagina as a controller, instead of your thumbs, so you can work out your downstairs while playing.

The game and controller are used to maintain and improve the health and strength of your pelvic floor. Not only that, the company boasts an improvement in bladder control, core strength, and even to your sex life. 

The company, based in Paris France, first started out through crowdfunding, then selling out of the device.

In an introductory video from Perifit, they show the game being played, which looks along the lines of Flappy Bird, as well as featuring that track your strength and improvement over the time of using the device!

The Perifit also has an exercise app that teaches you new ways to give your pelvic floor muscles a workout and train.

Sounds fun?

If the Perifit sounds a little bit of you, find out more here.

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