The Reason Why the Puppy Dog Filter on Snapchat Makes You Look Good

Publish Date
Monday, 27 June 2016, 1:42PM

That puppy dog filter on Snapchat. It's no secret it's everyone's favourite. From Kim Kardashian to Niall Horan, it's a go-to. 

But what is it about that ears, nose and tongue combo that makes us look so damn cute? 

It's actually a few things.

As New York Magazine points out, aside from the obvious additions to your face, the filter widens your eyes, smooths out your skin and thins your face shape too.


We totally thought we were just super cute and it added a little nose and ears and tongue.

We think that we didn't notice this because we were, you know, distracted by the massive tongue thing goin' on. 

Like, it's easy to criticise the basic-ness of using the dog filter but when we look so goddamn cute with it, it's hard to NOT use it.