The Map Used for Pawnee in 'Parks and Recreation' is Actually Christchurch

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016, 7:22AM

One of the biggest TV shows in the US - Parks and Recreation - borrowed the map of their town Pawnee from Christchurch! 

All they had to do was wipe out the street names, add in a few extra toilet blocks and the city of Pawnee was brought to life!

Pawnee is a fictional city in Indiana where the show is set.

Tucked away on a website dedicated to Pawnee is the city's fabricated "Summer Catalogue", which includes the Pawnee Parks Map.

This map will look familiar to Cantabrians as it is a direct replica of a portion of Christchurch's inner city - stretching from half-way through Hagley Park to Madras St, including Bealey and Moorhouse avenues.

Photo: Reddit

Christchurch Hospital has been transformed into St Joseph's Medical Centre while Christ's College has been re-named Pawnee Community College.


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