Producer Ellie's poem dedicated to New Zealand

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 11:06AM

ZM's very own Producer Ellie wrote this poem in dedication to New Zealand after the tragic events in Christchurch on Friday 15th, 2019.

To you, New Zealand

March fifteenth twenty nineteen
One of NZ’s darkest days
Innocent people lost their lives
while in their place of praise

No matter where you’re from,
your skin colour or your race
Us Kiwis pride ourselves
On being free and safe

But all that changed on Friday
Our innocence stripped away
50 of our family lost their lives
and we’re struggling with what to say

In lieu of finding the right words
to ease this harrowing pain
this is a toast to all NZers
especially those who died in vain

To you, our Muslim family
we’re sorry for this coward’s derange
you’re part of our Kiwi family
and that will never change

We want you to feel welcome
and we will grieve with you for years
we’re here to support you all
Through the grief and tears

To the victims who lost their lives
and families dealing with such torturous loss
Thanks for standing together with kindness
and showing the hate whose boss

To the cops who apprehended him
and the Force defending our land
we admire your composure
during a time we’ll never understand

To the paramedics, doctors & nurses
who dealt with immediate grief
without you and your strength,
We’d have found little relief

To the teachers who protected our children
During a time you couldn’t be prepared
Thank you for being so brave
When you were also scared

To all reporters, announcers & journalists
For keeping us up to date
Despite grieving yourselves
And dealing with the hate

To our Prime Minster and Mother,
Jacinda Ardern
Thank you for taking swift action
As 4.8 million Kiwis yearn

You’ve set an amazing example
of the values we strive for
Compassion, inclusion and kindness
you’ve radiated them and more

To the people of NZ,
Thank you for spreading love
we’ve shown the world how to combat hate
and completely risen above

Hate has no place here
and we’ll never bow down to those sins
remember to be kind
because, love always wins


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