Snoop Dogg Joins in On Massive Troll About NZ

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Monday, 4 July 2016, 1:51PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Ahhh New Zealand. We're reasonably free to do whatever the heck we want. Or are we?

Nope. Apparently it's illegal to have a garden in New Zealand.

Quite a while ago, Reddit user WhyNotSmeagol asked "Can you have a garden in New Zealand?" followed by the explanation: "My friend told me he heard that you can't have a garden in New Zealand. That it is illegal to have it. I'm not sure if this is true. I googled about it, but got no founds. Could you guys please tell me? And please no hate I know this question might be insulting to some of you."

New Zealanders were quick to take the piss.

User Sacredsnowhawk said: "'Please, no hate'. Ugh, you go straight to hell.
My brother was killed in the Moutua Gardens protest. My uncle lost an arm in the 1981 Spring Bok-choi Riots. My sisters were arrested and thrown into prison, without trial, by a police-led mob after they were discovered re-potting gardenias. Every day I live in fear, alienated by my community for having relatives marked by the Green Thumb. I envy the dead."

Another said "What is garden?
Sorry I'm a younger Kiwi and haven't heard of this before?
Holy shit I just googled it. So pretty. Why aren't we taught this stuff in school?"

User Tbana said: "Friend of a friend got caught growing Potatoes once ended up with 3 years jail!
I mean it was only 3 plants ! man fuck the police!"

Anyway, people got pretty hilariously carried away. 

The best thing that came up was this funny photo: 

And guess who jumped on this whole thing? Snoop Dogg. We're not sure if he knows it's a joke or not but either way he's loving it.