More rats found in Dunedin Supermarket

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Friday, 9 February 2024, 3:42PM

It's a rat girl summer but a Dunnerz supermarket has taken that to the nek level 🐀🐀

Countdown Dunedin South is closing for 48 hours after four rats were caught at the store in the past few days.

The store said on Monday there had been no rats caught at the premises in more than a week.

This afternoon, Woolworths New Zealand director of stores Jason Stockill said the store would close for at least 48 hours so pest-control efforts can be stepped up in light of the new captures.

The piccylala below shows the rats found in the supermarket and I like to think they're in love.

Image via NZ Herald

A store employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said “one or two” rats were first detected inside the store in October.

Since then, they had multiplied, leading to the store becoming “infested”.

They believed store management had not done enough to address the issue, but a Woolworths New Zealand spokesman said the company’s pest-control programme had significantly reduced the problem since the November photo was taken.

This week a staff member said there was still evidence of rat activity in the store but it appeared there were fewer rats at the store than previously.

In response a Woolworths New Zealand spokesman said there had been no new captures in more than a week and the situation was being addressed appropriately with a comprehensive pest-management plan.

First Published by NZ Herald

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