Mouse caught snacking on cereal in Pukekohe supermarket

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Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 3:48PM

I can't believe it, there's another Supermarket Rodent update.

A mouse was found lying on the bottom shelf of the breakfast cereal aisle at Woolworths Pukekohe South.

It seemingly chewed through and snacked a bag of Sanitarium Ricies (YUM) which can been seen around it on the supermarket floor.

Pukekohe resident and ZM office girlie Tyra said, "dayum he looks hungry, I personally would've gone for crunchy peanut butter on toast."

It's literally giving that possum who broke into an Australian bakery and was found in a food coma after eating too many jam pastries. 

Image via Imgur

Deputy director-general of NZFS Vincent Arbuckle said it was not unusual for rodents to find their way into supermarkets “from time to time”.

“...But they should not be in contact with food, or be evident to consumers, as it appears in this photo.

“All food businesses are required to have pest management plans in place to address the risk,” Arbuckle said.

A Woolworths spokeswoman said the company was investigating the sighting alongside Rentokil and NZ Food Safety.

“Having hygienic stores is incredibly important to us and we are looking into this matter with urgency.”

I'ts legit rat SZN rn.

First published by NZ Herald, reshared with permission 

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