POLL: Pic's or Fix & Fogg - whose Choc Nut Butter is better?

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Tuesday, 9 April 2024, 4:45PM

The return of Pic's Peanut & Chocolate Butter is here! And with that we want to know whose choc nut butter has your heart...

Pic's or Fix & Fogg? 🥜🍫

Choc nut butter is a crowd favourite (except for people with peanut allergies ofc 🥲), and at ZM our love for both brands has sparked a debate that has left the office divided...

Pic's have once again re-released their Peanut & Chocolate Butter, made with Whittaker's chocolate and their signature fresh roasted Hi Oleic peanuts. This choc butter loves to pull on our heartstrings... coming in hot in 2021 and then leaving again. But word on the street is that this time it is here to stay! That's what my toxic ex used to say though...

Fix & Fogg's Choc Nut Butter as Jam Packed Workday host Georgia would say, is a bit more "loyal" as it's stuck by our side staying on the shelves all year round.

Like Pic's, it is also made with Hi Oleic peanuts, except it doesn't have the iconic Whittaker's chocolate collab. They did however create limited edition TINY jars called "Your Little Fix" which are so cute I want to have one in my pocket at all times.

Georgia is cheer captain of Fix & Fogg, saying, "Fix & Fogg have had my heart for a few years now. Cannot beat their Crunchy PB, or Almond Butter, or Choc Everything Butter, or just anything they do." And yes, we did check and she's not just saying that because they're loyal Friday Jams listeners haha.

Megan from the social media team said if she "won the lottery" she wouldn't tell anyone but "there would be signs," then proceeded to show us a photo of her Pic's stocked pantry. Peter Piper picked Pic's, and Kaitlyn was team F&F's cause she couldn't get over the cuteness of their tiny jars.

Some of the other office girlies couldn't choose a side, saying they loved both. But that ain't helping no one when you're l i t e r a l l y adding to cart in the supermarket aisle.

So that's where you come in... 

Both brands are available in-store at your local supo OR online - and before you're like, "well ZM, cossie living I'm obvs gonna buy the cheaper one", they are BOTH selling for a sweet $7.99.

Choc nut butter lovers, plz take all of the above into consideration when casting your vote. Or don't, you do you boo.

And if you're here because you haven't yet had your lips around either, then it's def time to sneak a lil treat into your trolley.

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