L&P have released a new Pineapple Lump flavour!

Publish Date
Friday, 17 January 2020, 1:56PM

L&P's latest creation is SO Kiwi!

And everyone is a friend of New Zealand's classic sweet treat the Pineapple Lump?

But what about a L&P Pineapple Lump flavoured fizzy drink?

It might sound wacky, but two Kiwi classics are set to become one thanks to L&P bringing out its brand new creation.

The new product is set to launch on January 20 and will be on sale for just three months.

L&P said pairing two iconic flavours of New Zealand was only a matter of time.

The company said it is always looking for interesting new flavours that pair well with the taste of L&P.

Will you try it?

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