Vodka Cruisers now come in 'Double Magnum' bottles and we're kinda scared

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Thursday, 17 March 2022, 8:56AM

Ah, Cruisers... 

For all you young bucks - before these seltzers, low-sugar, low-cal drinks there really was only a few options. And leading the pack was the iconic vodka cruiser. 

Now, for a few lucky punters across the ditch - they'll be able to get their hands on limited-edition Double Magnum, 3.1-litre bottles of the classic drink. 

The bottles are the equivalent of 11 standard Cruisers.

The Vodka Cruiser Double Magnum in Lush Guava.

According to Vodka Cruiser brand manager Michael O'Donoghue, the release is to celebrate the company's 21st birthday, which took place during the pandemic last year. 

“While we weren’t able to celebrate Vodka Cruiser’s 21st birthday last year with the ups and downs of the pandemic, we are beyond excited to really get the party started in 2022 by launching the Cruiser Magnums with our partner venues!"

Now, the bad news... Unfortunately, these are only available in Australia at the moment, but as we always say, often they are used as the testing dummies! So hopefully (for some) they arrive here soon... 

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