Just a friendly reminder that Donald Trump was in 'The Little Rascals'

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Thursday, 2 February 2017, 11:50AM

Well before he ran for president, Donald Trump was already gracing us with his presence on TV...

But it wasn't his business that made him such a popular culture icon; he actually seemed to take any opportunity to appear on television and in movies!

Remember 'The Little Rascals'?

Well, Trump made a cameo as Waldo's Father! And the thing that really cracked up is that his role wasn't far from his real-life money-hungry personality...  

HAHAHA "you're the best son money can buy". 

But wait, it doesn't stop there. Trump seemed to hit a peak in the mid-1990s, appearing in what seemed like every single sitcom of the time.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air 

Sex and the City

Home Alone

The Nanny

Yep, so even pre-social media, Trump was in our faces long before we may have realised it!