Jason Momoa's new show is coming to Neon

Publish Date
Monday, 25 March 2024, 12:21PM

Get Neon loading on ur TV, On the Raom is Jason Momoa's new show is coming...

A docuseries where Jason Momoa travels across the U.S of A and meets interesting people - say less. TBH he could be talking to paper bags and we'd still watch.

In this new show Jason is meeting people who inspire him from craftsmen, to motorcycle fabricators, musicians to athletes. Who are on an endless quests to make a difference in their field and the lives around

The sparks were flying when Hayley met her hall pass Jason, watch the sexual tension below 🔥

"I'm a roamer through and through, hunting for places and moments and everyday has its little beauty."

Heading to Neon April 22nd 

We're also excited about The Da Vinci Code and Spider-Man 1-3 coming to Neon this month. 


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