How this girl's fake tanning hack became her poor boyfriend's worst nightmare

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Thursday, 22 December 2016, 12:03PM

HAHAHA oh man, we couldn't help but chuckle at this poor guy’s run-in with his girlfriend’s fake tan.

It's that time of year, where we whip out the fake tan, before spending time in the summer sun, to get .... another tan.

Well this guy took to Facebook to share the 'mare he's had with his girlfriend's fake tan.

"My girlfriend fake tans,” explains musician and graphic designer Barnaby Oakley."

"My girlfriend decides to use a sock instead of tanning mitt. I wear the sock all day without knowing."

“Result: I am 007’s newest enemy… Bronzenfoot.”

The post has gone viral on Facebook, probably because the rest of the world (boyfriends included) can totally relate to a tan f**k up.

monica geller animated GIF

Wellll, at least it wasn't his face.