Guy's rude reply to automated text hilariously backfires

Publish Date
Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 10:28AM

We've all had automated texts (usually from our mobile phone provider) and tbh they're annoying AF. Usually we just delete them but sometimes we feel like replying and telling them where to stick it.

The problem is that these texts are automated so we know that a real person isn't actually on the other end to hear our angry remarks anyway.

Until this time. 

Jonathan Hunter Behrle was a victim of an automated message and unfortunately his reply ended up somewhere that he did NOT intend.

The Iowa City resident received what he assumed was a spam text, and so sent one straight back saying "stop texting me, I don't give a fuck".

Unfortunately he didn't read the message properly and it turned out that it was offering him the chance to write a birthday message on his friend's Facebook wall.

Unbeknown to Jonathan, him saying he doesn't give a fuck was his greeting to mate April Orcutt, which ended up sat in among a plethora of genuine birthday messages. HAHAHAHAHA

The birthday girl seemed to not quite understand the message, replying with "excuse me, what?" (fair enough), which prompted the tweets about the whole thing go viral.