Girlfriends Confess: The Worst Lies I've Told My Partner

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Monday, 5 September 2016, 7:13PM
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When it comes to relationships, most partners will admit to bending the truth slightly or telling the odd white lie.

However, as these women prove, untruths can sometimes escalate to far more serious deceptions.

Users of the secret sharing app Whisper have revealed the worst lies they have told their boyfriends during their relationship and some of them are downright sinister.

For many of the women submitting confessions on the anonymous site, the main thing they withheld from their boyfriend was information about previous lovers.

A lot of the confessions involved information about ex-lovers. Photo / Whisper
Photo / Whisper

Another woman admitted that she was lying to herself too, adding: "I lie to my boyfriend about how many guys I've been with so I appear more innocent. I've convinced myself one night stands don't count."

Another confession said: "I lied to my boyfriend about who I had sex with. Just because I don't want him to know I had sex with his best friend the day before we got together."

One woman added: "I lied to my boyfriend about having never been kissed. I lied because my first kiss was a girl and he doesn't know I'm bi".

For other women their lies came with far more dire consequences, including one girlfriend who had faked a pregnancy.

She revealed: "I lied to my boyfriend about being pregnant. Now I have to either really get pregnant or pretend I miscarried".

Some of the  confessions were just plain rude. Photo / Whisper
Photo / Whisper

While another user admitted that her whole relationship was a farce when she said: "I lie to my boyfriend when I tell him I love him. I just don't want to be alone."

Some of the lies were far more innocent, with many women admitting they tell white lies to enjoy some alone time.

One women said: "Today I lied to my boyfriend about being busy because I just didn't want to be near anyone. I stayed home watching Netflix and murder shows."

Several users said that they told lies for no reason revealing that even they didn't know why they lied.

For others on the secret-sharing site, their lies were harmless. Photo / Whisper   
Photo / Whisper

Said one: "Sometimes I lie to my boyfriend about meaningless s***. Like tell him I'm watching Family Guy while I'm really watching American Dad. Don't know why I do it."

Another added: "I lie to my boyfriend and tell him I'm going out and to call me repeatedly if I don't call by a certain time, just to see if he cares".

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