5 things you should do before moving in with your partner

Publish Date
Tuesday, 16 February 2021, 8:22AM

Moving in together can make or break your relationship, which is why it's important you put the proper practices in place to dodge a bullet, or at least manage your expectations. 

Here is the definitive list of what to do before moving in together. 

1. Flat Pack Furniture

If you've ever put together a Kmart book shelf or any 'Do It Yourself' homewares, you'll know how frustrating it can be, and despite having an extra pair of hands, its not any easier. IT'S SOMEHOW HARDER.

Putting together Flat Pack Furniture as a couple is an excellent test of patience, following instructions, and how you work together as a team. 

2. Go travelling

Your travel partner and life partner are not necessarily the same person. Organisation, time management, and things going wrong, are all staples on holiday, AND living together. Think of it as a little adventure leading up to the adventure of the rest of your life. 

3. Be violently ill

Vomit, diarrhoea, sweating - All fluids you will no doubt be exposed to when entering a long term live in arrangement with a partner. 

Being violently ill around your partner is an excellent judge of character. What you're looking for is someone who will rub your back when your hunched over the toilet spilling out your guts, and change the sheets when you s**t them. 

4. Have a proper argument

Not a disagreement, a full fledged argument that ends in a "well if you feel that way, maybe we should just break up!" 

Having an argument when there's nowhere to go but the couch tests whether you can kiss and have hot make-up sex. 

5. Eat in absolute silence

There is nothing, and we mean NOTHING, worse than a disgustingly loud eater. Eat in absolute silence (preferably after an argument) to really see if you want to live with that obnoxious eater and drinker. 



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