Gin baubles are here to make your Christmas merrier

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Thursday, 28 November 2019, 2:14PM

Gingle Bells may also be the cutest company name ever.

Gingle Bells Gin have created the best thing since sliced bread- gin baubles for your Christmas tree!

Whether you're trying to sneak alcohol into your family Christmas, you want to show off your gin obsession on your tree, or you just like gin, these need to be the next thing you buy.

Gingle Bells Gin supplies the baubles all year round, so you can have them for your mid-winter Christmas too! (or just hang them on your Monstera plant).

The gin baubles sell for $79 for a set of six, as well as coming in packs of 3 or 6 sets for a deal price- in case you really need to stock up.

Each box has six different flavours; Wild Hibiscus Flower, Finger lime, Wattleseed, Pepperberry, Butterfly pea flower, and snow Chrysanthemum gin.

And YES they do ship to NZ because you can also get them on Grabone, here.

Brb buying ours now...

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