Feijoa Gin has landed in NZ and will be perfect for your summer bevvies!

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Friday, 17 November 2023, 3:56PM

We didn't wanna gatekeep this one too long fam... Feijoa Gin has entered the chat!

1919's Kiwiana range of gin just levelled up again!

After record sellouts of such Kiwi classics as Pineapple Bits, Chocolate Fish, Raspberry Lamington, Pavlova, our friends at 1919 have made another drop, this time, Feijoa flavour just in time for those backyard BBQs and festie pre-drinks.

The team at 1919 didn't get the memo that we were dusty af after Friday Jamz and dropped us off a couple of bottles to try. But it's a Friday... so we shook off the hangxiety and gave it a taste. We paired it with East Imperial Indian Tonic and we can confirm that it was the fresh hit we needed and will be a staple in the fridge this summer.

Head Distiller 1919 Distilling Soren Crabb said, "Finding the right Feijoa flavour that complemented our gin was always going to be a challenge, but after chatting to numerous kiwis and making the most of the feijoa season, a clear winner emerged, and we are proud to showcase it in this year's release."

“In the end, we infused the perfect feijoa to showcase while not losing the integrity of the London dry gin. It worked beautifully. We were pretty blown away; the aroma filled the whole distillery so much so the neighbours wanted to pop over for a taste test.” 

He's not wrong! My desk neighbour in the office rolled on over when they smelt that delicious feijoa and heard that bottle pop.

 [I couldn't find a cute feijoa gif so just pretend there is one here]

The new flavour can be found in Glengarry stores up and down Aotearoa, or you can head to 1919 Distilling directly to check out all their other epic Kiwiana flavours. 

R18, always drink responsibly xx


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