What day should you break up with someone? Why not try International Break-up Day!

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Wednesday, 13 December 2023, 9:36AM

Did you get broken up with, broke up with someone or know of someone who got broken up with on the 11th of December... well don't feel too special because it's International Break Up Day! 💔

Every year, on the 11th of December, people across the globe make the big decision to break up with their partners. 

So, why did we collectively decide that 11th of December was the day to break up? 

Studies have found (new.com.au) that the most common break-up date falls two weeks before Christmas. People reckon that the 11th is far enough away from Chrissy to have not bought any presents or confirmed too many commitments, so apparently we can break up with our partners without causing too much disarray. 🎅

Bree and Clint had a caller say she wanted to break up with her boyfriend, but her parents had already bought presents for him, so she waited until after the holidays - what a good daughter! 🎁

Another caller said that her friend, completely out of the blue, got broken up with on the 11th without any warning. Maybe there's some sort of energy in the air on the day that brings people to make impulsive romantic decisions? 🥺

The Christmas and New Years period is also party season and brings the highest probability of cheating and affairs.

Why is this?

Relationships often happen at work and there’s a high proportion of people who actually end up in long-term relationships that meet at work. A Christmas party is like the trigger that can go off in that sort of situation, with alcohol and the festive season, that sort of thing. Think about the Love Actually Christmas party where Emma Thompson's character, Karen gets cheated on by her husband, Harry, with his assistant, Mia. I'm still bitter about it! 🥺

This summer stay faithful my friends! ❤️‍🩹

If you or your partner are getting too comfortable for making it past the 11th, make sure you stay on your toes because the second most popular time of year to break-up is in March - right after Valentine's Day...💔 

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