Are these the BEST jobs ever?

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Monday, 22 January 2024, 8:00AM

Trade Me Jobs, have said that Kiwis are more likely to search for a new job in January than any other time of the year...

Sorry bosses, maybe expect a few letters of resignation 🙃

They've also dropped a lineup of some of the "best jobs ever" listed on the site! Including a ‘Wicked Wing Taste-Tester’ for KFC, a ‘Social Meow-dia Specialist’ for Petdirect, and a ‘Chief Hype Officer’ for the Fijian Drua.

Getting paid to eat fried chicken? Sign me tf up!


A ‘Wicked Wing Taste Tester’ for KFC 🍗

Job Description: “Is your mouth watering for a wicked new role? KFC is looking for a crispy chicken connoisseur to travel around KFC stores, tasting the Colonel’s finest Wicked Wings to ensure they are always fresh, crispy and delicious – because at KFC, quality matters. So if you’re keen to try something new and passionate about finger-lickin’ good chicken, this might just be for you!”


A ‘Chief Hype Officer’ for the Fijian Drua 🏉

Job Description: "With the Fijian Drua set to take on the mighty Blues in the Super Rugby on February 24, we’re looking for a Chief Hype Officer to whip our fans into a frenzy. We need someone who can chant, sing, stamp, and ensure the roar of our fans will leave the Blues trembling in their little football boots this February.”


A ‘Social Meow-dia Specialist’ 😺

Job Description: “Meow you’re talking! We’re after someone with a practically puuuurfect understanding of social media, and ideally, an unhealthy obsession with pets. We need someone to produce creative and engaging content for Petdirect’s TikTok and Instagram pages featuring our favourite furry friends.”

So, get searching friends, your dream job may just be a few clicks away! 🥰


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