An awkward ASOS Photoshop error raised a pretty good point

Publish Date
Friday, 26 April 2019, 7:30PM

Okay, so we've all seen a Photoshop job go awry, but the problem in this pic isn't an extra finger or a carried away airbrusher - instead, it's the lack of editing that caught the eye of one sharp shopper.

It was brought to the attention of ASOS that one of the garments had bulldog clips visible in the photograph. It appears that these were used to hold the dress in place possibly to create the illusion of a more flattering fit.

Although ASOS has since apologised along with editing the clips out, social media had some thoughts beyond the editing error, questioning whether the online shop is misleading them in regards to sizing.

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Another Twitter user pointed out that the reason that ASOS has a high rate of returns could be due to the "misleading fit."

ASOS has yet to respond.