A coffee-infused whiskey exists and it will be your go-to drink

Publish Date
Friday, 14 February 2020, 3:15PM

Because who doesn't like combining coffee and liqueur?

Irish coffee has been a classic get up and go drink with a little extra 'go' for many decades, so the master distillers at Jameson have decided to combine their famous whiskey with actual coffee and bottle it up to make life that much easier. 

Introducing the limited-edition Jameson Cold Brew, the same triple-distilled Irish whiskey, but with natural cold brew coffee flavour! 

The coffee-flavoured whiskey is the same Jameson from the familiar green bottle with "natural cold brew flavouring."

It's not a just flavour, though. Each serving is made with 100 per cent Brazilian and Columbian Arabica beans and contains about 17mg of caffeine per shot, the equivalent of a full shot of espresso.

According to the company's website, "Jameson is consistently working on developing innovative tastes and experiences to cater to new and existing drinkers.

"The bold taste of cold brew coffee flavour, paired with the smooth quality that Jameson is known for, creates a carefully crafted liquid that is too delicious to turn down. It’s a new spin on the classic pairing of Irish Whiskey and coffee."

Jameson Cold Brew hit the shelves in the US and UK earlier this month but hasn’t made it to New Zealand just yet. Hopefully, we'll be able to try out this new caffeinated tipple soon! 

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