10 problems you'll understand if you don't have your life together

Publish Date
Friday, 31 March 2017, 4:10PM

1. When you finally run out of clean clothes and have to face the huge pile of dirty laundry you've been avoiding

2. When you're financially irresponsible and spend your money on stuff you don't need

3. When you run into people from you past and they ask what you've been up to

4. When you decide to take a quick nap and suddenly it's 10 hours later

5. When everyone you know is getting married and having kids but you're just like

6. When you realise you've been neglecting your personal fitness

7. When people brag about how great their lives are

8. When you realise your dating expectations could be too high

9. When the things you were avoiding finally catch up with you

10. When you realise that no one really has their life together and you're going to be fine