Helen Clark on the Cannabis Referendum

Publish Date
Tuesday, 13 October 2020, 9:59AM

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has been a prominent voice in the charge to legalise cannabis. 

Fletch, Vaughan and Megan talked to Helen on the phone to hear her opinion on why she'll be voting 'Yes.'

"One of the many things I do these days is I chair the global commission on drug policy, and we have come to the conclusion... that  trying to prohibit a drug like cannabis... does more harm than any harm a soft drug like this might do."

Helen talked about Cannabis in relation to tabacco and Alcohol, which are both legal in new Zealand.

"We look at the reality and the science which says that Tobacco is actually a very dangerous drug, alcohol causes a lot of harm to individuals and society, and cannabis is actually less dangerous than either of them and yet its legal...We say it's time to change"

Helen explained that legalisation of Cannabis depends mostly on youth vote. 

“The most recent polls have been quite encouraging…I think It’s going to be quite dependent on the young people…in essence, it’s abut them. Young people try things, experiment with things, they don’t want a criminal conviction for doing that.”

“I’m a baby boomer right…I can tell you, for those who go on about ‘Oh why are you introducing another legal drug,’ It’s been here for decades!”

Helen also acknowledged that while Current prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is wearing it for not disclosing her opinion on the matter, she doesn't think it's an issue. 

“Look that’s gotta be her personal choice, I wouldn’t pressure her to come out.”