Chef creates cannabis-infused meals for an exciting new dining experience

A new dining experience has taken Los Angeles by storm as 'The Herbal Chef' Chris Sayegh has combined cannabis-infused food with modern cuisine.


Sayegh has "mastered how to work with the plant including its flavours", adding the proper dosage of THC into his food to give diners "a euphoric feeling without feeling too high."


While based in LA, The Herbal Chef was recently in New Zealand for a Cannabis hospitality show in Napier.


Sayegh described New Zealand "as gorgeous as they say it is," noting that he will be "counting the days until [he] can come back"


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One of the most incredible days I had in New Zealand was due to the grand master Geezer, @___j.f___ who took a few friends including myself around a culinary and beverage tour that was unrivaled! I learned that a “geezer” is someone who is eccentric and beyond a gentleman in NZ slang. ——————————————————- 1) We started out at @thelulainn for some champagne and cocktails. 2) @oysterandchop for a couple dozen oysters to set the tone for all this incredible New Zealand Wine. And these meaty NZ oysters were EXACTLY what we needed after a few glasses. 3) We head over to the fish market to see what is going on there. A really cool place to gather, watch a game, eat and have some causal drinks. 4) We met with Chef Michael Dearth at @baduzzi who took us through a quick 4 courses and some espresso Martinis to keep us going. 5) Cannabis break?!? I day though ;) 6) Walked over to #HelloBeastie restaurant to meet with the psychedelic Chef @sturogan that took us through a 5 course tasting of delicious Asian inspired bites. I still remember the KFC (cauliflower) which was so delicious and crispy 7) Now over to @eurobarandrestaurant for a 5 course and digestive with exec Chef Gareth. 8) last tasting menu for the day... @harboursideauckland which we had wine pairings for our final point.. 9) Now at this point, we are stuffed to the brim with amazing food. And head over to the INCREDIBLE @sweatshopbrewkitchen to watch an intense rugby championship match between Ireland and The All Blacks NZ. —————————————————— A day I’ll never forget thanks to these lovely people @___j.f___ @hamishpinkham The full itinerary will be on our blog post on the website, and I’ll give the best spots to go and eat in NZ from my perspective. This land is magical and the F&B is spectacular with the @joylabnetwork

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