What happens when you dress like a Gloriavale resident in their local town?

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Thursday, 14 June 2018, 1:52PM

(M) - mature audiences - language and sexual themes may offend.

It's no secret that Kiwi's have a strong fascination with Gloriavale.

Everytime TVNZ drops a doco about the 'cult', we find ourselves captivated by the way they live their lives.

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Have you ever wondered what happens when you dress up like a Gloriavale member and visit their local community of Greymouth?

Our ZM girl Bree went down to the South Island town, to see how people react to seeing Gloriavale residents in their community. 

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Of course, Bree did a little more than just show her presence. She's spotted buying cigarettes, smoking them, purchasing alcohol, ripping a dough-ey in the car and many more un-Gloriavale type activities.

See how it all went down above.

Also, TVNZ OnDemand have just premiered an exclusive mini-series on the isolated West Coast religious community that continues to fascinate the nation!


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