The weird reason you talk in your sleep actually makes sense

It's happened to the best of us, you're dreaming away and all of a sudden you wake yourself up with your own voice. Either that or someone has to explain to you the embarrassing thing you said in your sleep.

The weird phenomenon has never really been explained to many of us, but it turns out that sleep talking (or Solimnoquy) has an actual reason for existing. 

According to Nerina Ramlakham, the author of Fast Asleep Wide Awake, sleep talking can be caused by penting up unexpressed feelings inside, resulting in blurting things out in the middle of slumber. 

"I see this with people who might be compulsive pleasers who aren't saying what they need to say out loud. It’s also common with creative people who are needing to express, draw that picture, write that book, sing that song" says Nerina. 

But don't worry, if you're keeping those feelings and words to yourself for a reason, and don't want to let them slip while you sleep, there are ways to avoid it. 

Nerina suggests expressing yourself in different ways, such as doing yoga, singing, or writing your thoughts down. 

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