Woman Tries Over and Over Again to Sell Crappy Sofa So Guy Teaches Her A Lesson

Sometimes it gets all a bit too much when you see people constantly trying to sell stuff on Facebook...TradeMe still exists guys...and it's even worse when the stuff being sold is absolute crap!

Apparently this guy got sick of seeing a particular battered old sofa frequently appearing on his newsfeed and decided to teach the girl selling it a lesson.

Joe Cordingley got in touch with ‘Emma’ and offered to buy her used sofa, and quickly turned it into a massive trollfest...

Joe said to Unilad:

"It was clearly never going to be sold and I was bored. There’s a place for sofas like that and it’s either in a skip or at the end of a joke. I think I may have made her realise there is more to life than selling old shit, she should give joinery a go."

"I contacted her and we have discussed and negotiated a fee, but she finds it hilarious. I paid her time and a half on an apprentice joiner’s wage and money for a new saw and the couch!"