This is the First Trans Man to Cover Men’s Health Magazine

29-year-old Benjamin Melzer is the first trans man to make the cover of Men’s Health after readers voted for him in an online poll.

He's a fitness model and currently graces the cover of the German edition. 

The cover looks no different to other men's fitness and health mags. The only difference is one of the men on the cover lived as a woman six years ago. 

Ben told The Telegraph that he hopes to change attitudes by being on the cover.

“When you are born this way, you have no choice. So many people are hiding who they truly are, so I really wanted to give the trans-community visibility. Show that we’re just normal people.”

Ben admitted his childhood was "happy" but he became "so confused" when he hit puberty and underwent full gender reassignment surgery in 2012. 

He hopes that he can be there for others now: “there was nobody there when I needed my questions answering. There was no hero to look up to. But, when I ended my transition, I thought to myself, ‘why can’t you be that hero for somebody?’ So that’s what I’m aiming for. If I can reach just one person, I will be more than happy.”